Buyer's Guide

Buyer's Guide

About Buying Our Job Lot Pallets

Buying customer returns pallets is not like buying wholesale stock from other typical wholesale outlets.

Our wholesale goods are sold in mixed lots and every pallet is different – job lots pallets contain distinct, individual stock. The crucial thing to be aware of is that buying our returns pallets is not like buying other wholesale stock that you may be more familiar with. Wholesale pallets of stock always require hard work, no matter where you purchase them from. If you are unsure about the contents of our job lot pallets, please ask and we will be happy to advise you.

The customer returns pallets are all RAW and are NOT graded. You may receive wholesale goods which are a mixture of used, damaged products and even broken products. This is a risk that you always incur when purchasing job lot pallets which have not been reviewed. The amount of wholesale stock will vary from pallet to pallet and there is no average size or quanity amount that we can present -- even the clearance line pallets may contain damaged items (they shouldn’t, but it can happen).

Our job lot pallets contain customer returned goods, which have been returned for a multitude of reasons. The items could be faulty, the packaging may have been damaged, the product may have been the wrong colour or size or it may have been an unwanted gift. Whether the pallet you purchases contains a malfunctioning electrical item or brand-new toys in mint condition that were returned because the customer lost interest, it’s important to understand that all of our returns pallets are untested and unchecked. Unlike other wholesale goods, you assume the responsibility of repairing, recycling or reselling the products, as you see fit.

Please note that we buy our customer returns pallets direct and never go through the manufacturers. You will pay a percentage of the RRP which is given to us by our suppliers and you may find the prices can change (should you continue purchasing wholesale pallets through us) but the price is used to calculate an item only. Please make sure you fully understand what you are buying at the point of sale as there are no returns on customer return pallets.